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Summoning Divine Beings for Protection

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Summoning Divine Beings

Summoning Divine Beings for Protection and Blessings

This spell can be used to invoke a spiritual entity. An invocation is a sacred practice used in spiritual and magical traditions to call upon divine beings, deities, or spirits for guidance, protection, and blessings. Its purpose is to establish a connection with the spiritual realm, to invite their energy and wisdom into our lives, and to honor and acknowledge the sacred and powerful beings we are calling upon. Invocations can be used in a variety of spiritual practices and rituals to cultivate a deeper sense of reverence, gratitude, and humility, and to tap into a higher level of consciousness and wisdom.


With pure intention and a heart full of light, I call upon the guardians of the day and night. Come forth, spiritual entities of love and grace, Bless us with your presence, and fill this sacred space.

We ask for protection and guidance on our path, And blessings that will last and last. May our souls be filled with wisdom and light, And our hearts be open to love and delight.

As we call upon you, we know we are safe, And protected from all harm, in any place. We welcome your energy, pure and true, And we offer our gratitude to you.

With love in our hearts and a spirit of grace, We honor your presence, in this sacred space. For the highest good of all, so mote it be, And let it be done. Asé.

May this spell bring you the protection and blessings you seek, and may it be for the highest good of all.

From this point, you continue with your ritual.


Remember that magic is a powerful tool that should be used with respect and caution. This spell is intended for uplifting, loving and benevolent purposes only, and any harm caused by its use is not the responsibility of the creator or the spiritual entities invoked. Use your intuition and wisdom to discern when and how to use this spell, and always act in alignment with the highest good of all.

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