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Table of Planetary Meanings: Energies, Virtues, Vices & Houses

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Table of Planetary Meanings: Energies, Virtues, Vices & Houses

Healing Through Visions Table Of Planetary Meanings Energies, Virtues, Vices & HousesAstrology is an ancient study that examines the energies and influences of the planets and celestial bodies. The planetary correspondences table offers a comprehensive list of the energies, virtues, vices, and ruling houses of all the planets and planetoids, including some of the more recently discovered asteroids.

The Sun represents vitality, leadership, and the ego. Its ruling house is Leo, which governs self-expression and creativity. The Moon symbolizes emotions, intuition, and nurturing. It rules Cancer, which influences emotional security and domestic life. Mercury is associated with communication, intellect, and adaptability. It rules Gemini, which governs intellectual curiosity and versatility, and Virgo, which governs practicality and attention to detail. Venus embodies love, beauty, and harmony. It rules Taurus, which influences stability and material possessions, and Libra, which governs partnerships and diplomacy.

Mars represents action, courage, and passion. It rules Aries, which governs initiative and competitiveness, and Scorpio, which influences transformation and intensity. Jupiter symbolizes expansion, wisdom, and abundance. It rules Sagittarius, which governs higher education and philosophical pursuits, and Pisces, which influences spirituality and the collective unconscious. Saturn embodies discipline, responsibility, and limitations. It rules Capricorn, which governs career and public image, and Aquarius, which governs humanitarianism and innovation.

In addition to the traditional planets, there are also several dwarf planets and asteroids that astrologers use in their practice. Ceres is associated with nurturing, sustenance, and agriculture. Chiron represents wounding, healing, and the struggle for wholeness. Eris embodies disruption, empowerment, and the fight for justice. Lilith represents sexuality, independence, and rebellion. Juno symbolizes relationship and partnership dynamics. Pallas is associated with strategy, wisdom, and creative intelligence. Pholus represents sudden events, transformation, and overindulgence. Nessus represents abuse, healing, and the potential for revenge. Chariklo represents harmony, healing, and overcompensation. Makemake is associated with manifestation, creativity, and narcissism. Haumea represents rebirth, change, and disruption.

Understanding the energies and influences of the planets and asteroids is a powerful tool for self-awareness and personal growth. By studying the planetary correspondences, we can gain insight into our strengths, weaknesses, and unique gifts, and use that knowledge to navigate our lives more effectively.

Detailed Table of Planetary Meanings: Energies, Virtues, Vices & Houses

Planet/Asteroid Energy Virtue Vice Ruling House
Sun Vitality Leadership Arrogance Leo (5th)
Moon Emotions Intuition Moodiness Cancer (4th)
Mercury Communication Intellect Deceit Gemini (3rd), Virgo (6th)
Venus Love Beauty Vanity Taurus (2nd), Libra (7th)
Mars Action Courage Aggression Aries (1st), Scorpio (8th)
Jupiter Expansion Wisdom Excess Sagittarius (9th), Pisces (12th)
Saturn Discipline Responsibility Fear Capricorn (10th), Aquarius (11th)
Uranus Change Innovation Rebellion Aquarius (modern ruler)
Neptune Imagination Spirituality Illusion Pisces (modern ruler)
Pluto Transformation Power Obsession Scorpio (modern ruler)
Ceres Nurturing Sustenance Dependency Virgo (dwarf planet)
Chiron Wounding Healing Victimhood Virgo (minor planet)
Eris Disruption Empowerment Strife Aries (dwarf planet)
Lilith Sexuality Independence Rebellion Scorpio
Juno Relationship Partnership Possessiveness Libra
Pallas Strategy Wisdom Arrogance Gemini, Virgo
Pholus Sudden events Transformation Overindulgence Sagittarius
Nessus Abuse Healing Revenge Scorpio
Chariklo Harmony Healing Overcompensation Sagittarius, Pisces
Makemake Manifestation Creativity Narcissism Libra
Haumea Rebirth Change Disruption Scorpio

Looking Within: 3 Journal Prompts to Explore Your Astrological Chart and Tap into Your Cosmic Energy

  • Which planet or asteroid resonates with you the most, and how can you tap into its energies to enhance your life?

This prompt encourages you to reflect on your own astrological chart and explore how you can harness the energies of the planets and asteroids to cultivate their own unique strengths and virtues.

  • What vices or negative patterns have you been struggling with, and how can you work with the energy of a particular planet or asteroid to overcome them?

This prompt invites you to confront your own weaknesses and negative patterns and to explore how the energy of a particular planet or asteroid can help you move past these challenges.

  • What areas of your life are currently out of balance, and how can you use the concept of ruling houses to bring more harmony and equilibrium into your life?”

This prompt encourages you to examine the different areas of your life and explore how the ruling houses of the planets and asteroids can help you bring more balance and alignment into their daily routines and habits.

More Guidance

I hope that these journal prompts have inspired you to delve deeper into your astrological chart and connect with the energies of the cosmos. Remember, journaling is a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth, and there’s no right or wrong way to approach these prompts. If you feel comfortable, I invite you to share your answers in the comments section below. By sharing your experiences, you may inspire others on their own journey toward cosmic alignment. Let’s support each other as we navigate the cosmic energies of the Universe.

Feeling inspired to explore the cosmic energies of the planets and asteroids? If you’re looking for more guidance on understanding the energies discussed in this post, consider booking a spiritual consultation with me. Together, we can delve deeper into your astrological chart and discover how you can harness the energies of the cosmos to unlock your full potential. Whether you’re looking to tap into your inner strength, overcome negative patterns, or bring more balance and harmony into your life, I’m here to help. Contact me today to book your appointment and start your journey towards cosmic alignment.


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