The image shows a vibrant and magical infinity symbol, with its looped figure-eight shape rendered in bright, vivid colors. The colors appear to swirl and flow within the symbol, with shades of blue, purple, and green merging and blending together. The overall effect is one of movement, energy, and dynamic creativity, as if the symbol is alive and pulsing with its own unique power. The symbol appears to be suspended in a bright, glowing space, surrounded by stars and other celestial objects.

Autism Acceptance Month

Embracing Neurodiversity: A Guide to Autism Acceptance Month April is Autism Acceptance Month, a time to recognize and celebrate the unique perspectives and experiences of those on the autism spectrum. As a Black woman with autism and ADHD, I know firsthand the challenges and joys that come with being neurodistinct. In this article, I want to share my experiences, wisdom, and knowledge to educate and empower others on their own journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. It is my hope that this article will serve as a source of information, inspiration, and support for all those who are on the autism spectrum or who know and love someone who is. In recent years, there has been a shift from Autism Awareness Month to Autism Acceptance Month….

Healing Through Visions High Alert Anxiety Management

High Alert Anxiety Management

High Alert Anxiety Management: How to Safely Lean into Anxiety during Challenging Situations In today’s fast-paced world, we are constantly faced with high alert situations that trigger our nervous system’s fight, flight, or freeze response. These can include anything from a job interview to a difficult conversation with a loved one or even a global pandemic. When our nervous system goes into overdrive, we may experience anxiety, panic attacks, and other negative emotions that can make it difficult to cope. Fortunately, there are specific techniques that we can practice to manage anxiety during high alert situations effectively. In this article, we will explore these techniques and provide tips for safely leaning into anxiety and managing our emotions. One of the most effective ways to manage…