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Emotional Balance & Strength Prayer

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A magical and vibrant image of a silhouette of a woman standing under the bright light of the Moon. Despite the darkness of the night, the colors around her are vivid and alive, radiating with energy and beauty. Around her, the world is bathed in a soothing and calming energy that is cast by the Moon's gentle light. The air is filled with the fragrant scent of lavender and the sound of crickets chirping in the distance.

Emotional Balance & Strength: An Empowering Prayer for Inner Wisdom

As we begin a new week, let us turn our attention to the energy of the Moon, which holds a special significance on Mondays. The Moon governs our emotions, intuition, and inner wisdom. It waxes and wanes, reminding us that life is a cycle of ups and downs. In this prayer, we call upon the energy of the Moon to bring us emotional balance, strength, and guidance as we navigate through the challenges of the day. We also ask for love and understanding in our relationships. May our hearts be open to giving and receiving love, and may our connections with others be filled with harmony and compassion. Let us begin.

When to Use This Prayer

The energy of this prayer is strongest on a Monday, as it is aligned with the energy of the Moon. However, if you feel comfortable and strong in your spiritual practice, this prayer can be read any day and any moment of the day.

If you are new to your spiritual practice, I recommend reading this prayer on a Monday in the morning before sunrise or in the evening after sunset. This will allow you to connect with the energy of the Moon, which is at its peak during these times.

As you become more comfortable with this prayer, you can recite it whenever you feel the need for emotional balance, strength, and inner wisdom. You can also adapt the prayer to suit your specific needs by adding or changing certain words or phrases.

The most important thing is to approach this prayer with an open heart and mind. Allow yourself to be fully present in the moment, and trust that the energy of the Moon will guide and support you. May this prayer bring you peace, strength, and love throughout your day.

Prayer Preparation

Optional: To prepare for the Monday prayer and enhance your connection with the Divine, you may want to gather some tools that can help you align with the energy of the prayer. Some tools that can be helpful include crystals, herbs, oils, incense, and flowers that correspond with the energy of emotional balance, intuition, and inner wisdom.

  • Crystals: Moonstone, Labradorite, Selenite, or Amethyst. These crystals can help to amplify the energy of the Moon and support emotional balance and intuition.
  • Herbs: Lavender, Chamomile, or Sage. These herbs can help to promote calmness and clarity, and aid in meditation and prayer.
  • Oils: Lavender, Clary Sage, or Frankincense. These oils can help to calm the mind, uplift the spirit, and deepen your connection to the divine.
  • Incense: Sandalwood, Frankincense, or Sage. These scents can help to purify the energy around you and create a sacred space for your prayer.
  • Flowers: Blue and purple wildflowers or Lavender. These flowers can help to connect you to the energy of the Moon and promote a sense of calm and tranquility.
  • Candles: Blue and white are both colors that can work well for the Monday prayer. Blue represents emotional balance and intuition, while white represents purity and clarity. You might choose a blue or white candle and anoint it with a few drops of Lavender oil to help amplify the energy of the prayer.

As you gather your tools, take a moment to set your intention for your prayer. Know that you are aligning yourself with the energy of the Moon and calling upon your inner wisdom and intuition to guide you through the day.

Once you have gathered your tools for the Monday prayer, create a sacred space where you can connect with the energy of the Moon and the natural world. You might choose to light your candle, burn your incense, and arrange your crystals and flowers around you.

Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to sink into a meditative state. Close your eyes and visualize yourself standing under the gentle light of the Moon, surrounded by the soothing scents of lavender and the gentle sound of the crickets.

As you recite the prayer, hold your crystals and focus on their energy. Anoint your candle with your chosen oil, and allow the scent to permeate the space around you. Take a few moments to allow yourself to feel the energy of the tools and the natural world, and to connect with your own inner wisdom and intuition.

After the prayer, take a few moments to sit in stillness and allow the energy to settle within you. When you are ready, you may choose to journal or reflect on any insights or messages that came through during your prayer. Trust that the tools and the energy you have invoked will continue to support you throughout the day, and allow yourself to move forward with a sense of calm and empowerment.


Dear Moon,

I call upon your energy to bless me with emotional balance and strength. As I navigate through the challenges of this day, may I remain centered and calm. May I be guided by my intuition and inner wisdom, which you so generously bestow upon me. Help me to let go of negative emotions and cultivate positivity in my thoughts and actions.

I ask that my relationships be filled with love and understanding. May I have the ability to see things from the perspective of others, and may I communicate my own thoughts and feelings with clarity and compassion. May I be a source of comfort and support to those around me, and may they in turn be a source of comfort and support to me.

Moon, as you wax and wane, remind me that life is a cycle of growth and change. Help me to embrace this cycle with open arms, and to trust in the journey that lies ahead. May my heart be filled with gratitude for all the blessings in my life, and may I continue to learn and grow from every experience.

Thank you, Moon, for your guidance and love. May your energy continue to bless me and those around me. Asé.

Final Thoughts

As we conclude this prayer, let us take a moment to reflect on the emotional balance, strength, and guidance that we have asked for from the energy of the Moon. Let us also express gratitude for the love and understanding that we have called upon for our relationships.

Take a deep breath in and exhale slowly. Visualize the Moon’s energy surrounding you, filling you with a sense of calm and inner peace. Know that you are capable of navigating through any challenges that come your way, and that you have the power within you to cultivate positive relationships with those around you.

May this prayer stay with you throughout the day, reminding you of the power of the Moon and the importance of emotional balance, strength, and love in your life. May you continue to be guided by your intuition and inner wisdom, and may you be filled with gratitude for all the blessings in your life.

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