In the enchanting realm of my sacred space, a vibrant tapestry of colors unfolds. The air is alive with the flickering dance of golden and crimson hues, mirroring the transformative energies that permeate the atmosphere. A powerful, magical, dragon hovers in the air with fiery breath, her scales transition from a yellow to a red hue, a majestic creature with shimmering red and gold scales.

Embracing the Flame Within

Embracing the Flame Within While listening to a room on Clubhouse this morning, I was inspired to write this ritual. Thank you to Allah-mi, the host of Tea and Tarot in her clubhouse, Be Great Everyday. Allah-mi shared a powerful spiritual message to the collective, inspiring me with the potent energies of cherry quartz and the enchanting essence of dragon’s blood incense. Their guidance sparked a flame within me, igniting the desire to enter this realm. Background In the cosmic dance of the heavens, the celestial energies align to create a space of tremendous healing and transformation for me. Saturn, the planet of discipline and boundaries, retrogrades through the watery realm of Pisces, beckoning me to embark on a profound journey of self-mastery and self-discovery….

Healing Through Visions Letting Go Of Resentment

Letting Go of Resentment

Letting Go of Resentment: A Spiritual Spell for Healing and Clarity Welcome to Healing through Visions! As High Priestess Zela Nimaya Abura, I am excited to share an empowering spell with you for clearing resentment energies. Resentment can hold us back from achieving our highest potential and living a life of joy and abundance. It can be a heavy burden that affects our emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. Resentment is a feeling of anger or bitterness that arises when we perceive that we have been wronged or unfairly treated. It can result from a variety of situations, such as being overlooked for a promotion at work, feeling neglected in a relationship, or experiencing discrimination based on race or gender. Resentment can be a powerful emotion…